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We want to make you look good! Our custom apparel and screen printing company has its own graphic designer. We want your business! We like to partner with small businesses, schools, churches and other non-profit organizations to help them look their best. Our goal is world domination one t-shirt at a time!

We want your order, whether you are ordering 10 shirts for you new small business or 1000 shirts for you corporate event, you will get the same world class treatment from us. We do not look at the people we do business with as customers. We look at our business relationship as a partnership. The more successful we can help you be now the better it is for all of us in the future. There is nothing that will take you small business from looking like a start-up to true professionals in your field than custom apparel. We only use top quality garments to ensure you are always looking your best whether at a family reunion or corporate event. With over 20 years of experience our design and printing are first rate.

Our Goal is world domination one shirt at a time!


Support your kids sports team with a custom logo. You don't need to be on a club team to look good.


We love to work with schools to make the right design for them. We will provide a color flyer and a website link to order from. We will collect the orders, package each order and deliver back to the school. We will also provide help with other school function t-shirts.


There are so many things that need more awareness in the world. We are happy to help fundraise for your favorite organazation at a discount. Every dollar we can help you earn makes a difference.


Call us when your team at work needs some shirts or your group of friends wants a shirt. Maybe you have a family reunion coming up and you want to look good. We are here to help you.

Multiple color designs are built one color at a time